Youth Exchange “Evropa2Evraziis” London

Youth Exchange “Evropa2Evraziis” by ASFAR was realised with the participation of 20 young people from United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. I participated as being the group leader. of Turkey. We worked on history of countries, Human Rights and European Citizenship (London, United Kingdom, 12 – 19 April 2016)

EVS Trainers’ Meeting

I participated in “EVS Trainers’ Meeting” by Spanish National Agency. We worked on how to make EVS Training Cycle better especially between On Arrival Training (OAT) and Midterm Evaluation (MTE) with trainers from different 9 countries (Spain, Malaga, Mollina, 9 – 13 December 2015)

PBA “Creative Youth Self Entrepreneurs”

I participated to PBA “Creative Youth Self Entrepreneurs” by Association Art Network. We figured out youth unemployment reality in Balkans with 25 youth workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30 October – 6 November 2015)

Contact Making Event “Start Up!”

I worked as a trainer in Contact Making Event “Start Up!” by InterStep. Representing 23 organizations, 46 participants from different countries created 6 projects by using my program and technics. 2 of them already had been applied to the national agencies the last day (Fjerritslev, Denmark, 22 – 30 April 2015)