APV “Aim High-Beyond Borders”

Joined to the advanced plannig visit on behalf of Turkish group, aiming to decide on the context and schedule of the project ‘Aim High-Beyond Borders’ holded by Dan Vaiculescu Fundatia Umanista (Bucharest, Romania, 6-10 June, 2006)

Youth Exchange “Come Along With Me”

Been approved for the Action 1-youth exchange programme named “Come Along With Me” which was applied jointly by me and the group, “Harmony Bridge” in Nov. 1st, 2005. Within the scope of the project in which I attended as a trainer, a 25 youngster group from 5 different countries had come to Siirt, and participated in both social and cultural activities with locals for 6 days (Advanced Planning Visit, Siirt, Turkey, 16-18 May and Youth Exchange, 27 May – 2 June 2006)

Seminar “Stereotypes. Puzzled?”

Participated in an Action 5.4-international youth seminar named “Stereotypes. Puzzled?” holded by IcYA – Inter Cultural Youth Association in Poland and also conducted some workshops on the subject ‘learning different cultures’ with a group of young students of age 11-13 in the 23.rd Primary School in Łódź (Łódź, Poland, 24 – 29 April 2006)

Workshop “Empowerment of Social Capital”

Within the scope of GSM-Youth Services Center’s ‘Youth NGOs and Public Coordination Project’, attended to a workshop named ‘Empowerment of Social Capital’ on the topic ‘EU Youth Organization and Youth Policies’ on behalf of Beyoglu Local Civil Unification Center (Ankara, Turkey, 10-11 April 2006)